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Model: Product Warranty


Jing Hong PTY Ltd. (Jing Hong) warrants that Jing Hong plumbing fixtures and fittings are
warranted free of manufacturing defects for the following set periods from the date of purchase on
the terms set out below (Warranty):

Ceramic 2 YEARS
Bathroom Furniture
Cabinets & Tops 1 YEAR
Shower Enclosures
Shower Liner 5 YEARS
Door Glass & Tray 5 YEARS
Shower seals 1 YEAR
Shower Metal runner & Hinge 1 YEAR

Tapware 5 YEARS
Showerheads 2 YEARS
Shower hoses 1 YEARS

Tanks & Pans 5 YEARS
Seals & Washes 2 YEARS
Toilet seats 2 YEARS
Bumpers & hinges 2 YEARS
Flush and fill Valves 1 YEARS

Use of Cleaners: No cleaners should be used in any toilet cisterns and that any such use
will void any warranty.
Commercial Use of Jing Hong Products

Where the Jing Hong product is purchased for the purposes of a business, then the warranty period
is 6 months from the date of Purchase of the product.
If the Jing Hong product is purchased for the purposes of a business, then all of the guarantees and
remedies in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 are excluded and the Warranty periods and all other
terms of the Warranty (as provided above) prevail.
Apart from the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (which will apply in addition to the
Warranty), the Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including but not
limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Jing Hong PTY Ltd also disclaims any liability for special, incidental or consequential damages.
Terms & Conditions
1. Jing Hong PTY Ltd will at its election, pursuant to its obligations under the Warranty:
• Repair or replace the defective product or part;
• Pay the cost of repairing the defective product or part for out of warranty products.

2. The Warranty applies only within New Zealand and only to the original purchaser;
3. The following will be not be covered by the Warranty:
a) Damage due to accident, improper installation or handling, improper care and cleaning,
faulty repairs, alteration, abuse or misuse (whether undertaken by a contractor, service
company, or the consumer);
b) Installed, maintained or used other than in accordance with the instructions furnished by
unprofessional people;
4. Standard products may contain unavoidable manufacturing imperfections of a minor character
and if a manufacturing defect is found, Jing Hong will, as its election, repair, provide a replacement part or product.
5.The purchaser shall be responsible for and shall meet all charges in respect of making the defective
product accessible for repair or replacement and any labour, transportation, travelling or
communication expenses incurred;
Information required when making a claim
Please be sure to provide all pertinent information regarding your claim, including a complete
description of the problem, the product, model number, colour, the date the product was purchased
and from whom the product was purchased. Also include your original invoice.

Contact Details
If you believe that you have a Warranty claim, contact Jing Hong PTY Ltd either through retail branch, or by writing to Customer Service Department, Jing Hong PTY Ltd, PO Box 58-386 Botany, Auckland
or email to sales.jinghong@hotmail.com

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